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This app was created by @gordic_aleksa in my free time, and I'm not in any way affiliated with the Huberman Lab (the only link is that I'm a big fan of Andrew's work! ❤️).

By using this app you agree to everything below:

Data collection

I collect some data for the sole purpose of improving the website experience:

  • I use tools such as Vercel/Google analytics to collect anonymous data about the website usage.
  • I also log search queries in order to improve the search functionality and in general to improve the website experience.


I do not sell or share any of your data with anyone, nor do I monetize this website in any way. I have a full-time job (and I run The AI Epiphany YouTube channel) and I'm not interested in making money from this website.

Having said that if this website brings you value you can still support me by buying me a coffee or two! 😌 And I also have a Patreon page! 🙏

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